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FlowLMS – the flexible LMS

The paramount advantages of eLearning are the agile and affordable execution of talent management and development in relation to more traditional methods. With a versatile LMS you will always be on top of your organization’s training efforts.

Online you can easily choose whether to execute your learning offerings as an independent training method, as a means of supporting on-premises training sessions or both. You choose how, where and when it is possible to carry out the eLearning course. In accordance with your preferences, the course can be carried out as an individual learner’s experience or as a virtual learning event for a vast group of learners. With a few clicks, you are able to rapidly share your content with an extensive number of participants utilizing your digital material on their e.g. mobile devices.

FlowLMS is a cloud-based Learning Management System, that grows flexibly according to the training needs of your organization. Our eLearning environment scales to fit the needs of the small company just as well, as the demands of the large enterprise. This makes it the perfect match also for online training providers with varying numbers of users. FlowLMS is a mobile friendly learning environment yielding to various training needs and different eLearning activities. Thanks to its ample tailoring options, FlowLMS is able to meet the demands of any organization’s digital learning.

FlowLMS core is powered by an award-winning FormaLMS open source Learning Management System.

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