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Developing Human Resourses, implementing new learning policies or regenerating corporate learning are all challenging tasks. In the process, it is easy to get lost in the jungle of eLearning technologies, software and applications. To make it easier for you to decide what is right for your organization, we offer multifaceted eLearning consultation. By looking at eLearning broadly and from different angles we are able to supply our customers with accurate and timely consulting services.

Developing Your eLearning operations

Based on your specific needs our eLearning strategy consultation clarifies the role of eLearning in relation to your organizational plan for Human Resource Development. By mapping the possibilities and benefits that eLearning offer your organization and how to utilize them, we provide you with an accurate eLearning deployment plan. Developing your eLearning operations includes:

  • Mapping your eLearning prerequisites and qualifications
  • Ensuring that you have the needed eLearning skills
  • Specifying your needs regarding eLearning technologies and software
  • Observing personnel proficiency and key roles required for smooth eLearning deployment and administration

We are happy to assist you also in the implementation stage of eLearning.

Implementing eLearning

Consulting your organization in eLearning deployment starts with specifying your training needs. Together we can build an accurate eLearning model that fits your procedures and processes. The eLearning implementation consultation includes:

  • Supporting your organization in the implementation phase
  • Tailoring training concepts according to your demand
  • Making the deployment of new eLearning tools and technologies as easy and straightforward as possible
  • Providing your key eLearning persons practical training

We offer also eLearning content creation services.


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